Radiant In-Floor Heating


Radiant floor heating is a concept and practice of warming living spaces which dates back to 5000 BC. While the technology has undergone significant improvements, the concept remains the same: controlled heat dispersed at the floor level provides even, reliable warmth throughout a living space.

The process of Radiant floor heating works by circulating heated water through pipes beneath the floor. This water can be heated through your standard water heater, or through a specialized hydronic boiler. Either way, the system is generally a closed circuit. The entire operation uses far less energy than a typical forced air heating solution. There is less energy loss, higher efficiency and greater control over the spread of the heat.

Whether you’re hoping to rely on radiant floor heating to warm your entire home, or just looking for a warmer experience in the master bath, Guest Plumbing and Heating has you covered. We work with engineers to design and implement full radiant in-floor heating systems. We install and service systems which use hydronic boilers, heat exchangers and water heaters.

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  • High Efficiency
  • Uniform Heat Distribution
  • Versatile Applications
  • Economical Heating Solution
  • Low Environmental Impact


Radiant floor heat offers a relatively environmentally friendly heating solution. There is none of the air pollution commonly seen with forced air set-ups. Water is re-circulated through the system, requiring less waste. A well designed system will use minimal energy to heat the water initially, and even less to maintain its temperature during operation.

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