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Water is vital to life, yet many homeowners struggle with the quality, safety, color, smell, or taste of their tap water. Kinetico Water Systems provides reliable solutions to enhance water quality, address concerns, and elevate every sip.

Guest Plumbing & HVAC proudly offers Kinetico home water systems in Hamilton.

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Kinetico home water systems

Water Softeners

Our whole-home water softeners eliminate minerals from all your water sources, including taps, showers, and washing machines. For added peace of mind, consider water softener and purifier systems that filter out additional contaminants for pristine water quality.

Drinking Water Solutions

Kinetico Water Systems provides a comprehensive range of water solutions tailored to your home’s needs. Their purifiers offer two advanced purification methods: physical filtration and reverse osmosis.

Drinking Water Filtration

With physical filter membranes, we target specific impurities concerning you. Over time, these membranes accumulate impurities and require replacement. It’s essential to note that certain Kinetico filters are not suitable for untreated well water.

Reverse Osmosis

Utilizing semi-permeable membranes, reverse osmosis filtration ensures only water molecules pass through, filtering out larger contaminants. These systems are compatible with both well water and city water sources.

Your Kinetico Options

When you have your water tested, we can identify the specific treatment options to address your water concerns. Fortunately, Kinetico offers a variety of solutions that may suit your needs. Kinetico whole house water filters, including the Kube®, effectively remove more contaminants compared to pitcher filters and faucet-mounted filters. These systems are also remarkably affordable, costing approximately one cent per liter of water. Additionally, Kinetico water softener services like the Premier Series® deliver uninterrupted softened water at a high flow rate, ensuring immediate access to purified water.

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Why Improve Your Water?

Improve your home’s water quality with Kinetico products:

  • Reduce chlorine: Minimize chlorine levels to enhance water taste and smell, while also reducing its impact on hair and rubber components.
  • Remove minerals: Soften water by eliminating minerals like calcium and magnesium, resulting in improved taste.
  • Resolve turbidity: Address cloudy or murky water with ease using Kinetico products.

Kinetico Service Near Me

Shop Kinetico in Hamilton with Guest Plumbing & HVAC. Our professional team offers honest advice tailored to your water needs, helping you select the right systems for your family’s priorities.

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