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Who are we?

Guest Plumbing and HVAC Ltd is a locally owned and operated business located in Ancaster, Hamilton. We provide high-end, quality commercial and residential plumbing and heating services throughout the Greater Hamilton Area and beyond. As a local company established and grown in this great community, we have always appreciated every job opportunity that we have been afforded. We have entered into our 6th year in business and giving back to the community has always been one of our main priorities throughout the last five years. It is always a pleasure for us to be able to share professional career opportunities with the next generation of technicians and support non-profit organizations. Furthermore, we are honoured to be a member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and West End Home Builders’ Association, in which we can strengthen our business and grow together with extraordinary advocacy and incredible networking.

Community Events


Supporting Our Local Communities

To show our appreciation for our community as well as support those in need, the Guest Team is honoured to organize a variety of charitable projects each year. An important part of our culture is contributing our time and resources to support as many people as possible in the community that supports our operations.

We are also aware that many individuals and organizations have a hard time finding meaningful and trustworthy charity campaigns to get involved in and support with their donations. We are always looking to establish relationships with new partners and donors so that we can continue to develop meaningful social campaigns for the community.

To stay up-to-date with all of our upcoming events, or to see how you can become involved with one of our corporate sponsorship opportunities please fill out the form!

Past Community Events

Earth Day 2022

At Guest, we believe it’s always crucial and necessary to look for solutions to keep our planet the safest place for the next generation to live, grow and explore.

As Earth Day happens in April, our team desired to contribute our time and energy to make our community cleaner and safer for everyone. On Saturday, April 9th, 2022, we organized an event to clean up the area behind Hutch’s on the Beach restaurant. We also provided free T-shirts, food and drinks to all participants.

With the support of over 70 volunteers, we collected approximately 20 bags of garbage. Our team couldn’t be more grateful and humbled to have everyone’s contribution to making a change for our community.

We especially want to send special thanks to all the event’s sponsors. Without your donations, it would be more difficult for our team to accomplish this goal. Thank you, Acadian Driveaway, Team Shane, Duca Financial Services Credit Union, Building Dream Contracting, McCarter Unlimited, Clearleaf, Modern Design Studio, Fairway Building Supply, M Berman Homes, Alair Homes Oakville.

We’re thrilled to see that Hamilton Beach is now cleaner and safer for everyone to enjoy hanging out during summer. Our team looks forward to bringing more solutions to keep our environment greener.

Holiday Food Drive

The Holiday Food Drive was our charity project encouraging everyone in Hamilton and surrounding areas to donate food and necessities to support people in need at the Welcome Inn Community.

“Welcome Inn’s food bank is a place for individuals and families to access food and personal hygiene items.” With a significant amount of everyone’s contribution and support, we successfully provided over 1250 food and personal care items to individuals and families in need at the Welcome Inn Community.

Kids Summer Fun Pack

Kids Summer Fun Pack was a community project built to provide kids with school and recreation supply packages. Our goal was to share some fun summer toys and supplies with kids and families in the community so that all could have an amazing summer. The packages contain a variety of items such as markers, crayons, bubbles, water balloons, balloons, chalk, sand kit, construction paper, colouring books, etc.

In June and July 2021, we collected donations and partnered with many local businesses to implement the project. The Guest Team successfully delivered more than 1000 summer toys and school supplies to the City Kidz Hamilton. We were able to help kids in our community enjoy their summer as much as possible.

Winter Charity Coat Drive

The purpose of this program is to help keep everyone in our community safe and warm and help prevent the effects of winter-related illnesses. We are happy to partner with Webster Benefit Consultants and Carben Automotive to implement the Winter Charity Coat Drive.

The Winter Charity Coat Drive encourages everyone in the City of Hamilton and surrounding areas to contribute winter coats to support families in need during the winter season.

We collect the winter coats and deliver them to Wesley Urban Ministries to support people experiencing poverty, homelessness and other challenges in the community. Especially with the impact of the COVID-19, we realize that some in the community may not have the ability to purchase cold-weather necessities like a winter coat for their loved ones and themselves.

Every year, Wesley creates Christmas gift packages to support many families in need. It has been our pleasure to participate and be a part of this great campaign to fill those packages.

As a result, we received and distributed 515 winter coats donated from individuals and organizations to those in need in the community.

Food Drive

We are honoured to associate with the YWCA Hamilton organization to implement our Food Drive campaign. The campaign encourages Hamiltonians and people living in surrounding areas to contribute food and family supplies to support women at the Transitional Living Program and Phoenix Place of YWCA Hamilton during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

These food and family supplies allow women who call YWCA Hamilton home to overcome challenging situations such as poverty, homelessness, and violence while isolating themselves at those locations.

The food supplies are distributed to YWCA Hamilton’s Transitional Living Program providing safe, affordable and temporary housing for women at risk and struggling with the impact of poverty, homelessness, and violence. They are also given to Phoenix Place as a safe haven for women and their children escaping domestic violence.

The campaign receives $4,500 of total food and cash donated.

Shirt Off Your Back Face Mask Challenge

The Shirt Off Your Back Face Mask Challenge encourages Canadians to create personal-use face masks from an article of clothing to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and help ensure medical N95 respirator masks continue to be prioritized for frontline medical workers.

We are honoured to partner with King & Bay to implement the Shirt Off Your Back Face Mask Challenge. We have created face masks that will be delivered to St. Joseph’s Healthcare and Michael Garron Hospital in East Toronto and local community organizations in need of homemade masks.

The masks are distributed to all approved visitors who enter Michael Garron Hospital and given to all of their discharged patients as they reintegrate into the community, along with the broader community, intending to help to prevent disease transmission.

Technology and Environment

maintenance van

As a local Canadian-based business in an industry that is heavily involved with water, we are aware of our responsibility to provide high-quality service that is also highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. We understand that Corporate Environmental Responsibility can help businesses strengthen branding and build a strong reputation. Moreover, we want to be an organization that protects our community, homes, loved ones, and livelihoods. At Guest Plumbing and HVAC, we have applied the paperless method into our daily communication among our team members as well as between our company and our clients. It has been a game-changing experience because we have reduced the significant amount of paper usage and increased our working efficiency. As a result, we can contact our technicians and clients to deliver critical information in a quicker and more efficient manner. We are always looking into smarter plumbing innovations and green technologies to update homes and reduce carbon footprints for all.

Job Opportunities and Meaningful social campaigns

One crucial core value that we have always emphasized as a business is intentionally being grateful for our jobs and the community. We would not be the business we are today without the love of our customers, supporters and followers. Therefore, giving back to the community by creating more job opportunities for enthusiastic and hardworking individuals is what the team at Guest Plumbing and HVAC would love to do. Our community is full of highly qualified and dedicated craftspeople who we want to support and build their long-term career  
  Behind the rapid development of our city, we have noticed that many people have difficulty maintaining their essential lives with a shortage of necessities like food and clothes. Annually, Guest Plumbing and HVAC Team has the honour of associating with non-profit organizations like YWCA Hamilton, Wesley Urban Ministries and Movember. Together, we have launched meaningful social campaigns such as local Food Drives, Toy Drives, Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, Coat Drives and Movember. We always look forward to creating more relationships and getting involved in our community as much as possible. We are fortunate and grateful that we could contribute and support our community, and we are thankful for everyone’s donations and help.  

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