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Water is undoubtedly vital for life, yet many homeowners find themselves dissatisfied with the quality, safety, color, odor, or taste of their tap water. Fortunately, Kinetico Water Systems provides reliable solutions designed to enhance water quality, alleviate concerns, and transform every sip into a more enjoyable experience.

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Kinetico home water systems

Water Softeners

As your trusted provider of Kinetico home water systems in Ancaster, Guest Plumbing & HVAC is committed to offering top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to mineral-rich tap water and embrace soft, refreshing water that leaves everything cleaner, from your dishes to your skin. Our whole-home water softeners efficiently remove minerals from all water sources in your home, including faucets, showers, and washing machines. For added peace of mind, consider water softener and purifier systems that go the extra mile by filtering out unwanted contaminants.

Drinking Water Solutions

Kinetico Water Systems offers a comprehensive range of water solutions designed to meet your home’s needs. What’s even better is that their purifiers feature two distinct purification methods: physical filtration and reverse osmosis.

Drinking Water Filtration

With physical filtration, water passes through a specialized filter membrane designed to trap specific impurities that concern you. Over time, these filters accumulate impurities and require replacement. It’s important to note that certain Kinetico filters are not suitable for use with untreated well water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filtration employs semi-permeable membranes with minuscule holes that only allow water molecules to pass through, effectively filtering out larger particles. These water filtration systems are compatible with both well water and city water sources, offering versatile purification options for your home.

Your Kinetico Options

Upon conducting a water test, we can accurately identify the specific treatment options needed to address your water concerns. Fortunately, the diverse Kinetico lineup offers multiple solutions that may suit your needs. Kinetico whole house water filters, like the Kube®, excel in filtering a wider array of contaminants compared to typical water filters found in pitchers or faucet-mounted units. Moreover, this whole house filtration system offers exceptional affordability, costing approximately one cent per liter of water.

For water softening needs, Kinetico’s Premier Series® water softener services deliver uninterrupted softened water at a high flow rate, eliminating the need for waiting when accessing purified water. With Kinetico, you can trust in reliable solutions tailored to enhance the quality and convenience of your water supply.

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Why Improve Your Water?

Kinetico products can improve many different aspects of your home’s water:

  • Reduce chlorine: Reducing the amount of chlorine in your water will improve the smell and taste, and reduce negative effects on hair or any rubber pieces that come into contact with your water.
  • Remove minerals: Softening water can improve taste by removing minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Fix turbidity: Also known as cloudy, murky, or greyish water, turbidity can make your water significantly less enjoyable. Fortunately, Kinetico products can resolve turbidity with ease.

Kinetico Service Near Me

Residents of Ancaster can rely on Guest Plumbing & HVAC to provide the perfect Kinetico water systems tailored to their needs. Our professional team is available to offer honest advice regarding your water requirements and recommend systems that align with your family’s priorities. Feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance and assistance in selecting the ideal Kinetico water system for your home. With Guest Plumbing & HVAC, you can trust that you’ll receive personalized solutions that enhance the quality and reliability of your water supply.

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