6 Reasons Your AC Unit is Not Working After Winter

Have you found that your AC unit is not turning on after winter? Or that your air conditioner is running but not blowing cold air? There are a few potential reasons that your air conditioner was working well when you put it away but not working when you set it back up again or turned it back on again in the spring. 

1. Refrigerant Leak 

Throughout the off-season, your air conditioner may obtain a refrigerant leak. This can happen at your outdoor condenser, where the valve core Schrader is. Their small pieces that have rubber gaskets will wear down as the weather and temperature fluctuate. The cores sometimes expand and contract, causing a leak. 

2. The Condenser is Dirty 

While your air conditioner was not in use, it may have collected dust or debris which clogged the condenser. This is more likely to happen if you don’t get the air conditioner’s yearly maintenance, as technicians should notice this issue and clean off the condenser. In this case, likely all you need is for the condenser to be cleaned up. 

3. You Have Electrical Problems 

Sometimes the problem isn’t the air conditioner at all. You may have flipped a breaker or may have some electrical problems in the home that you didn’t notice because you weren’t running the air conditioner over the winter. Or, it is also possible that the air conditioner itself has developed internal electrical problems which need to be looked at by a professional. 

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4. There is Rust and Corrosion 

Ice and snowmelt create water, which potentially creates rust and corrosion in the spring. Outdoor units are, of course, more likely to develop rust and corrosion problems. However, old indoor units or those exposed to moisture are not immune. If you spot some signs of rust on the outside, it may be even worse on the inside. 

5. There are Fan Problems   

Does your air conditioner seem to be generating cool air, but just not sending it off? If the cold air doesn’t get very far then the fan in your furnace (which the central air conditioner uses) may have developed fan problems over the winter. You may need to get the fan repaired or replaced. 

6. Your Thermostat is Broken   

Your air conditioner can’t work properly if your thermostat isn’t working properly. If you turn the thermostat to cool and you don’t hear a click, it is possible that your thermostat is not sending a signal to the air conditioner to turn it on at all. Or, the signal may get lost on the way because there is a break in the line or another problem at the unit itself. Either way, this requires investigation from the professionals. 

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