Complete Guide to Recommended Thermostat Settings All Year Long

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What temperature should you set your thermostat throughout the year? For maximum comfort and efficiency, typical recommendations call for different thermostat settings throughout the year. After all, you’re a little less comfortable from the heat in summer and a little less comfortable from cold in the winter. Plus, you don’t want to tax your HVAC system too much, or cost yourself more than you need to for your home comfort. Here is a complete guide to recommended thermostat settings all year long. 

How to Set Thermostat 

Before you decide what to set it to, you have to know how to set your thermostat. The specific protocol will depend on the kind of thermostat you have. The most basic non-smart thermostats need to be set to the right date and time first, and then you need to set them with the “set” or “program” button. The system should be set to “cool”, “heat” or “off” depending on the season. You typically also want your fan set to “auto.” 

Setting a smart thermostat can be more straightforward, but each is different. You should take a look at your owner’s manual or your company may have online guides to help you set your thermostat to the right temperature. 

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What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter 

How warm should you let your home get in the winter? You don’t want to waste any energy but you also want to be comfortable. In general, it’s wise to start at 66 degrees Fahrenheit and move it up if it is too cold for you. Most places recommend that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is a comfortable temperature for just sitting in your home. However, you may feel you need to set it higher, but do so with caution so you are not running your heat unnecessarily. 

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Spring 

In spring you will slowly transition out of using your furnace. The corner isn’t so much what temperature to set your thermostat to but when you should stop using your furnace. When temperatures, especially at nighttime are consistently at your set temperature, it’s time to set the thermostat off. Most people will find that they can tolerate somewhat lower temperatures in their homes in spring than in winter, and it helps to get some fresh air through the house. Be careful when opening windows in the spring, as those with allergies may struggle with grass and pollen.  

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Best AC Temperature for Summer 

In the summer, you should use the opposite strategy as in the winter. Set your thermostat as high as 77 degrees Fahrenheit and move it lower if you’re too uncomfortable. This way you find the highest temperature that you’re still comfortable with and that will help you save on utilities. Avoid keeping doors and windows open during the summer when your air conditioner is running to avoid needing to re-cool your home.  

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Fall 

In the fall, you’ll want to transition out of air conditioning and to heating. Usually, fairly early in the season, the outside air is cool enough to turn off the air conditioner. Look for midday temperatures that are at or below the temperature you have your home set to. In winter, it’s nighttime temperatures that will get you to switch to the furnace. 

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